In Loving Memory

Sr. Cecile Lebeau, CSC (Sr. Marie de Ste. Cecile, martyre)

September 19, 1920 – March 24, 2021

Sr. Cecile Lebeau, CSC was born in New Bedford, MA on September 19, 1920. She entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross in 1939 and pronounced her final vows in 1946.

She began her elementary teaching career in Baie Comeau, Canada in 1941. She returned to the U.S. in 1943 and taught in Massachusetts and Vermont. She began teaching high school in 1963 in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. From 1975 to 1993 she was a principal in Massachusetts. From 1994 to 2015 Sr. Cecile lived and served in St. Albans, VT as a teacher, catechist RCIA and home visitations. In 2015 she retired to te Hoy Cross Health Center in Manchester, NH.

Sr. Cecile will be remembered for her joyful smile and her acceptance of God’s will. Her love of words always would shine through in her composition, her poetry and in the games she would create using one’s name. She lived a very full life before going to her eternal rest at the age of 100 years old.

Sr. Denise Turcotte, CSC (Sr. Jerome of the Cross, CSC)

February 25, 1946 – December 12, 2020

Sr. Denise Turcotte was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on February 25, 1946. She entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross in 1963 and pronounced her final vows in 1971.

She was an elementary teacher in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In 1970 she received her BA in Biology from Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH where from 1970 to 1999 she ministered at NDC as Biology Instructor, Associate Professor of Biology and Campus Minister. In 1980, Sr. Denise received an MS Degree in Environmental Education at Antioch University. She also ministered at the Audubon Society as Teacher, Youth Garden Coordinator and Adult Education. In 2006, she became co-coordinator at New Dawn Earth Center, Mercy Northeast Ecology Ministry, Cumberland, RI, and in 2007 she became the Director. Sr. Denise also provided programs in Environmental Concerns and Cosmology at Berakah: A Place of Blessing in Pittsfield, NH.

Her love of nature, kayaking, walking in the woods and working in the Green Space on Island Pond Road was the most important thing to her over all of her many accomplishments. One of her greatest joys was to discover an eagle’s nest and watch for the eaglets’ growth and fledglings to take flight. We know as she leaves us, she is being lifted up on eagles’ wings. Rest in Peace Sr. Denise and God speed.

Sr. Ruth George, CSC

March 8, 1926 – November 11, 2020

Sr. Ruth George, CSC was born in Mohegan, RI on March 8, 926. She entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross in 1949 and made her final profession in 1956. Sr. Ruth earned a BA degree in Music and Education from Notre Dame College, an MA degree in Religious Education from Boston College and a CAGS degree in Pastoral Ministry from St. Joseph College, East Hartford, CT.

She taught music in elementary and high schools under the direction of the Sisters of Holy Cross in St. Hyacinth, Quebec, Canada, in New Hampshire at Newmarket, Gonic and Suncook and in New Bedford, MA. She was also involved in Pastoral Ministry and DRE programs in Bellingham, MA and in Durham and Suncook. Sr. Ruth helped with US regional services of the Congregation from 1994 until retiring to St. George Manor in Manchester in 2002. She served the Congregation for 71years.

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  • Sister Juliette Marie Ann Payment, CSC - July 10, 1934 – April 16, 2018
  • Sister Jacqueline L. Delage, CSC (Sr. M. Gerard Of The Cross) – October 17, 1936 - February 12, 2018

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